What is the procedure to register for improvement / Reappear exams in Lovely professional University?

What is the procedure to register for improvement / Reappear exams in LPU?Improvement exams are for students who have passed the subject  but are not satisfied with their marks and are willing to take the exams again. In order to improve your grades you have to collect an improvement paper form (This is mention below ) how to register for improvement .  even their registration is approximately same. During registration if you have any reappear it will show reappear option and subject in which you are passed it will show improvement option.There you have to fill up the subject name(s) in which you would like to re-appear and then with the prescribed amount submit that form in the college. After some days you will get the date for your improvement paper examination on Ums Account .If the registrations are open the form will be opened
LPU gives you fair chances to improve your marks if you have scored less in any subject or paper. An announcement is made in the UMS to register yourself fo…

Where should a College student invest?

A list full of bucket leaves a difficult choice to make for the students with their pocket money. Here in this article,Where should a college student invest? you will be suggested where a Engineering student should invest;  and the few things that are must for a student to have.Money is not Enough As Per Our Needs  Printers:Flooded with assignments, reports, and notes that area unit needed to be written at the printery? each time you are doing that and pay enough cash that you just may need been ready to purchase your own printer in an educational year or 2. you're conjointly payment heaps of your time with it. thus investment during a printer may be a smart plan for a student wherever you'll economize, time, and do the works at the comfort of your own space.

Good Headphones :Be it for learning or diversion functions, it’s inevitable to use transmission at the age. However, if your decisions aren't relevant to your roommates or at the incorrect time, your music are a nuisan…

Indian Science Congress to be held at LPU, Narendra Modi to inaugurate

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate ‘106th Indian Science Congress’, to be held at Lovely Professional University from January 3 to 7, 2019. The theme for the five-day science congress is ‘Future India: Science & Technology’.

According to an LPU spokesperson, about 15,000 delegates, including 300 top scientists and Nobel Laureates from across world are expected to attend the congress.

The science congress will comprise of 18 plenary sessions, including those of medical, chemical, environmental and other science domains. There will also be four parallel mega events, including the children’s science conference; women’s science conference; science communicators’ meet; and, science exhibition. The exhibition will see participation from the national and international science companies, especially from the US, Australia, Germany and Switzerland

Expressing happiness over getting an opportunity to organize such a huge congregation of science stalwarts, LPU chancellor Ashok Mittal sa…

LPU Student's Login - LPU UMS LOGIN -Lovely Professional University

Student's Login - LPU UMS LOGIN - Lovely Professional UniversityMost Of The Students Facing Problems While they are searching for LPU UMS LOGIN So Here i am providing Direct UniversityManagement System (UMS) Login Link
LPU Students Can Easily Access their UMS accounts  from Given Links  Click On links

My First Day At LPU by ' Priya Rajwansh '

I was surrounded by beautiful, tall buildings, and lush,                               well maintained gardens. 
School and college were finally behind me and I could proudly designate myself a “GRADUATE”. The next  step was to start with my masters, so I took admission in LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY. 28 July, 2016 was the first day of Induction for my course, conducted by the faculty and students of LPU. I arrived at the campus with a thousand questions on my mind. What would the University be like? Would I be able to handle my studies and everything else?  Would I make the kind of friends I had at school and college? Would the teachers be strict or lenient? 

I entered the gates with a huge crowd of other Freshmen. I was  directed by many different people to the main admission block. On my way there I took quick stock of my surroundings, and what I saw gladdened my heart. I was surrounded by beautiful, tall buildings, and lush, well maintained gardens. 

The auditorium was every bit …