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What is the procedure to register for improvement / Reappear exams in Lovely professional University?

What is the procedure to register for improvement / Reappear exams in LPU?

Improvement exams are for students who have passed the subject  but are not satisfied with their marks and are willing to take the exams again. In order to improve your grades you have to collect an improvement paper form (This is mention below ) how to register for improvement .  even their registration is approximately same. During registration if you have any reappear it will show reappear option and subject in which you are passed it will show improvement option.There you have to fill up the subject name(s) in which you would like to re-appear and then with the prescribed amount submit that form in the college. After some days you will get the date for your improvement paper examination on Ums Account .If the registrations are open the form will be opened
LPU gives you fair chances to improve your marks if you have scored less in any subject or paper. An announcement is made in the UMS to register yourself for the improvement exam by paying an registration fee for the respective subject or paper.

How To Register For Improvement in LPU

The application form for improvement examination are usually available on official website of LPU . The process of registration is: UMS navigation>>examination>>reappear registration>>Registration 
Form and then select the term/examination.

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16 September 2019

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